Guster at Sundance

The Massachsetts-based alt-rock band Guster has had some unique performances lately.
Today they’ll be performing in Park City at Sundance as part of the ASCAP Music Cafe. A couple of weeks ago they played a regular show for fans in Salt Lake City. They also recently performed on Conan O’Brien’s show.
But for the ultimate in live concert performances, it will be hard to match their recent appearance on Live From Daryl’s House.
“It was so fun,” Guster’s Ryan Miller recently told the Deseret News. “He made us feel really welcome and comfortable. We got drunk and talked about being famous. It was a super fun day.”
Live From Daryl’s House is pop-rock-blues icon Daryl Hall’s highly acclaimed webcast featuring Hall and special guests playing live from Hall’s house.
“Everything is perfectly charming,” Miller said. “I grew up on (Hall and Oates). It was sort of fun to go in and talk to him about song writing and his career and how he’s having this weird resurgence. I sort of enjoy people’s perspectives who have been through that.”
Whether Guster ever reaches the status of Daryl Hall is yet to be seen, but there is little argument about the rise in the band’s popularity. Their latest album is “Easy Wonderful” and includes the single “Do You Love Me?”
Miller said the band has been trying to go to Sundance for years but now finally get to attend as performers.
While the old school of thought was that having an artist’s music on television or in the movies made them a sellout, today artists like Guster embrace the concept as another way for fans to hear their music.
Guster has had its songs featured in movies such as “Wedding Crashers,” “Disturbia” and several television shows.
“The intersection of music and film just seems to be opening up a lot more than it ever was,” Miller said. “The history of bands doing scores is really going to a much different level at this point. It’s exciting to be around those people.”
Much like Hall has embraced the web, Guster are also very active in Twitter and posting blogs and journals to fans, keeping them constantly updated from the road.
“You can make yoruself completely inaccessbile. That’s ’70s version of a star. We are typically over-sharers. We wear the clothes on stage we wear in our bunk. It feels very natural to use to embrace Twitter and journaling and contests. It started very early on in our career when we were trying to figure out a way to get the music out there.”
While in Park City, Miller said there was a good chance fellow lead singer Adam Gardner will be found skiing somewhere. Gardner was in a Warren Miller film, Ryan Miller said, and he has a group of other musicians who regularly ski together including Stefan Lessard of the Dave Matthews Band, Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies and actor Jason Biggs.

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