Sibling Success with The Band Perry

The Band Perry have been busy writing songs for their next album, finding inspiration in their experiences over the past year-and-a-half for their new music.

“A great song is, ‘I could use some sleep,'” Reid Perry joked during a recent tour stop in Kansas.

But the trio could also be writing songs with titles like, “Our skyrocket ride to the top” or “Our first album did really really really well” or “You May Have Heard Our Song On The Radio.”

Since their self-titled debut album in the fall of 2010, The Band Perry – siblings Kimberly Perry (lead vocals, guitar), Neil Perry (mandolin) and Reid Perry (bass, the one with the David Cassidy/ Keith Richards circa 1970s haircut) – have achieved widespread success, thanks in no small part to their single, “If I Die Young,” which made an impact in much the same way Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” did a year earlier, bridging country, pop and rock radio genres.

“If I Die Young” was a song written by Kimberly.

“She said she wrote it on a cloudy day in east Tennessee,” Reid Perry recalled.

The “seize the day” type anthem was written on the eve of the band going into the recording studio for their first independent project.

“We were completely content and happy with what we had accomplished already,” Reid Perry said. “We said, if it all ended today, we’d be completely happy with what we did.”

But the recording didn’t stop for siblings. In fact, it only got bigger.

In October of 2010, The Band Perry released their major label self-titled debut. With the popularity of “If I Die Young,” the band won Grammy awards for Top New Artist and Top New Vocal Duo or Group as well as the CMT Breakthrough Video of the Year, and the CMA single and song of the year awards.

“We kind of knew from the beginning it was a special song,” Neil Perry said, noting that their mother cried the first time they played it for her. “There’s old soul wisdom behind the song.”

Even today, it’s still a song the band loves playing.

“Honestly, it’s one of our favorite moments live,” he said.

The band will usually stop singing midway through the song and let the audience take over the vocals. It’s a feeling that the Perrys say is very special to them knowing fans have taken the song that much to heart.

But “If I Die Young” isn’t the only good song on the album. The band’s follow-up singles, “You Lie” and “All Your Life” are more upbeat and less likely to be played on mainstream pop radio. But are actually some of the best songs on the album.

When asked whether The Band Perry’s “sound” is more in the style of “If I Die Young” or the other upbeat songs on the album, the Perry brothers say it’s all the above.

“We wanted every single song to have it’s own personalty,” Reid Perry said. “You put it all together, you get a complete picture.”

The songs, he said, cover all parts of life.

“We have cheating songs, romantic songsevery song is our child. We love them all equally.”

Growing up, the Perry siblings say their parents exposed them to a wide range of music, from Loretta Lynn to Led Zeppelin. When Kimberly was 15 she joined a band in high school and her younger brothers asked to be her roadies. Eventually, the brothers formed their own band. But after they found themselves in need of a lead singer, they asked if their sister wanted to join them.

This will be The Band Perry’s second trip to Utah. The first coming last summer during the Tim McGraw tour. This time, the group is opening for a man who frequently finds his way to Utah, Brad Paisley.

Paisley is renowned for being a practical jokester while on tour. After being the victims of a small prank early in the tour, The Band Perry got a little payback. Each night on the tour, the band performs the solemn “Whiskey Lullaby” on stage with Paisley. One night, the band walked out on stage wearing “pointy alien ears.” Reid Perry said Paisley did a double take with Kimberly cams up next to him and sing and got then cracked up.

The Perrys are now bracing for their payback as they get closer to the end of the tour.

The Band Perry and Brad Paisley will be at the Maverik Center on Friday night along with reigning American Idol winner Scotty McCreery.

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