Iron Maiden return after long absence

OK, I admit it – my inner-80’s childhood is geeked about this show.

Fabled English heavy metal rockers Iron Maiden are scheduled to play at the USANA Amphitheatre on Aug. 1 as part of their Maiden England World Tour.

This will mark the band’s first appearance in the Beehive State since lead singer Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrain Smith rejoined the band more than 10 years ago.

In fact, it will be the first appearance by Maiden since 1996 when Blaze Bayley was fronting the band.

Iron Maiden was slated to play at USANA in 2005 when Ozzfest came to USANA. But a much publicized feud between Dickinson and Sharon Osbourne resulted in Maiden dropping off the tour just before Utah. (I still have my unused ticket!)

In recent tours, Maiden have been revisiting their early years. Utah, regrettably, was left off the Somewhere Back in Time tour a couple of years ago that focused on mainly on their material from 1980-1988.

But, good news, the new Maiden England tour will closely resemble their 1988 concert video of the same name. That original Maiden England video was in support of the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, which ironically was Dickinson’s last appearance with Iron Maiden in Utah.

Tickets go on sale March 3.

UPDATE: Because some of asked, here is Iron Maiden’s recent tour history in Utah:

March 21, 1996 at Saltair. With Fear Factory

March 19, 1991 at The Salt Palace.  With Anthrax

June 3, 1988 at The Salt Palace.  With Guns N Roses

February 8, 1987 at Convention Hall.  With Vinnie Vincent Invasion

December 13, 1984 at Salt Palace.  With Twisted Sister

June 22, 1983 at Salt Palace


  1. John

    The retrurn of Iron Maiden to Utah is nothing to celebrate. This so-called band does not represent the values of this community, and no self-respecting member of this community would go to this concert.

    Iron Maiden openly promotes drug use, free-love, and the occult. Far too many impressionable youngsters have been led astray by this group.

    It was bad enough that this group made an appearance at all. It is absolutely unconscionable that this concert was promoted as family entertainment. It is the perfect demonstration of just how out of touch the modern entertainment industry is.

  2. joao

    and unfortunatelly that guy has my name in english because João in english means John.
    What a disappointment.

  3. Layne

    Excuse me, but your comments are completely untrue. Iron maiden has songs with historical and christian content. Many tell stories or portray current political issues. You can say it isn’t family entertainment, but my parents, brothers and friends are going because this band (apparently we have very different definitions) has been something we’ve all enjoyed and bonded over for years-however we have never been influenced by them to use drugs, sleep around, etc. Your generalized, unerudite, offensive comments would be best kept to yourself.

  4. Esteban

    John: bad news, YOU don’t represent the values of this community. Thankfully, I can cross another moron off the list of people I won’t see at this concert. Iron Maiden is classic heavy metal and will always be at the forefront of what music should be.

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