RK/MMC deliver outstanding sets; fans disappointed with venue

SALT LAKE CITY — Austin is a long drive from Salt lake City. But Reckless Kelly have built a solid fan base in SLC through constant years of touring. Likewise for their younger brothers, Micky and the Motorcars.

Saturday night at In The Venue, the two bands put together an outstanding 3 1/2 hours of rock and county before a sold out crowd, despite many shortcomings by the venue.

Reckless Kelly – who may have delivered their finest SLC show ever – were firing on all cylinders from the start, opening with the driving “She Likes Money, He Likes Love.” The older Braun brothers – singer Willy and mandolin/violinest Cody – played a mostly up tempo set that included, “Ragged As the Road,” “A Guy Like Me,” “Crazy Eddie’s Last Hurrah,” “1952 Vincent Black Lightning,” “One False Move” and a surprise cover of The Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage.”

The more mellow “Wicked Twisted Road” was a crowd favorite that turned into large sing-along. And the Salt Lake crowd got a special treat at the already Braun-heavy show when family patriarch Muzzie Braun, making an appearance from Idaho, joined Reckless Kelly on stage for “Rodeo Man,” off his Vintage Braun Brothers CD.

The night started off with the two younger Braun brothers, Micky and Gary, and their band Micky and the Motorcars. It was a mellower set list for MMC, but Micky was in fine vocal form all night. The band came off the starting blocks with “Rock Springs to Cheyenne” and played crowd favorites “Carolina Morning,” “Grow Old,” and “A Thousand Tears” before ending with the upbeat “Bloodshot.”‘

The downside to the evening was that many who had purchased tickets missed the majority of MMC’s set because rather than being in the venue, they were still standing in a long line outside that moved at a snail’s pace. In The Venue opened their doors just a half-hour before Micky was scheduled to take the stage, with several hundred people waiting – many who had driven down from Idaho and other parts of the West just to see MMC – in a line that stretched around the building. Rather than delay the start of the show or use extra people for security pat-downs and check ID’s, Micky and the Motorcars went on stage promptly at 9 with a large number of disappointed fans still outside. Many waited 45-to-60 minutes to get inside.

Sunday, fans on both the MMC and RK Facebook pages commented just as much about their disappointment with In The Venue as they did about their love of the performances.

Everyone left in good spirits, however, thanks to Reckless Kelly’s great set and a jam session at the end with both bands plus Muzzie Braun, finishing off the evening with Dave Dudley’s classic 1963 song, “Six Days on the Road.”

Overall, outstanding performances from both bands. Their return visit to Utah can’t be soon enough, though hopefully it will be at another venue.

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