Bon Jovi (most of them) in SLC on Wed


One of the biggest names in music returns to Salt Lake on Wednesday.

Yet, it isn’t what’s happening onstage with Bon Jovi that’s making headlines of late.

By now, everyone has heard that guitarist Richie Sambora mysteriously dropped off the tour for “personal” reasons right before the band was scheduled to perform in Calgary on April 2. The band was late going on stage that night, likely indicating that Sambora’s departure was unexpected even for the band. Guitarist Phil X will be filling in for the foreseeable future.

Everything from jealousy, bickering and an alcohol addiction relapse have been rumored in the tabloids as the reason for Sambora’s sudden departure. Whether it truly is a Jagger-Richards or even St. James and Tufnel, type of situation, the band isn’t saying.

Interestingly, in January, before the start of the tour, Sambora, drummer Tico Torres and keyboardist David Bryan did a teleconference with several members of the media nationwide. The first question was from Mark Brown of MSN who asked about the seemingly non-stop cycle of albums, solo projects and massive world tours and whether it was hard to keep up that kind of pace?

“Yeah, you know what, I mean, obviously to prepare for a tour that looks like a year-and-a-half or something like that, you have to physically prepare for it. But once you get out there, you get in a groove, man, and like Dave (Bryan) said, this is what we love to do. Fortunately, it’s an anomaly that we still all get along together and have a great time playing together and we’re still making good music that people want to hear. And obviously by the result of our last tour, that people want to come see us play and that’s a big magnet also,” Sambora said.

Sambora or not, the Because We Can 2013 Tour in support of their new album, What About Now will continue with Jon Bon Jovi, Phil X, Torres, Bryan and Summit County resident Hugh McDonald who has been in Bon Jovi longer than original bassist Alec John Such and even recorded the demo version of “Runaway” with Jon, but has not been given full-time member status.

And as always, Bon Jovi will bring the absolute latest in cutting-edge lighting and sound technology with their stage show. That includes 4.5 million pixles of video projection, something called a hexagon wall that will include 5,200 square feet of projection surface. The stage will also include 8,400 amps and the use 807 kilowatts to power everything for one show.  Interestingly, the band also proclaims in its press kit that the average number of cups of coffee made for the crew daily while on tour is 400 (which is about the same for the media in any given state).


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