Micky and the Motorcars return to The State Room


For more than a decade, Micky and the Motorcars have delivered high quality country-rock, red dirt songs about long road trips and failed relationships.

So it seems only natural that lead singer and chief songwriter Micky Braun would fill the Motorcars upcoming new CD with songs that areā€¦. upbeat?

“It’s a much happier record than I’ve ever done. The writing is definitely a little bit more on the love songs and just kind of more from a positive point of view,” he said recently during a tour stop in Bakersfield, Cal.

Wait, the man whose best songs include lyrics like, “I think it’s time for you to go, I can’t believe you anymore,” “We were something, now we’re nothing, and it ain’t worth holding on,” and “You’ve been picking up this empty house, washing your hands clean of everything that has to do with me,” is not writing songs about breakups?

“We got a couple of them on there. We can’t leave them completely empty handed,” Braun said with a laugh.

Despite several lineup changes in recent years involving band members not named “Braun,” if last winter’s sneak peek at new material played live in Salt Lake City was any indication, the new album should be highly anticipated for fans.

The reason for Braun’s improved headspace is due in part to his engagement and upcoming marriage in September.

“I’ve been in a much better place since the last record for sure,” he said. “Getting married this year is a big deal for me. So I’m writing a little bit more on a plane of being in love instead of a plane of gong through another round of breakups. Also, just getting older and starting to look on the brighter side of life a little more.”

Braun said that positive attitude will be reflected on MMC’s upcoming new album.

“I just think the writing style is a little more on that plane. The people that I wrote with were also in a better spot. I think overall, we all kind of had some rough years with friends and family and health issues and things like that. So I think last year was kind of a turning page for a lot of us, going through some pretty rough, different things. So when we teamed up, we were focused on the positive rather than the negative,” he said.


As for when fans can expect to get their hands on new music, Bruan is hoping by summer.

“We’re done tracking completely and we’re in the mixing stages right now. We should be with the mixing stages and the mastering of it (about the time we hit Salt Lake). The artwork is coming right along too. So we should have it packaged and ready to roll by the end of July. That’s our set goal.”

Micky and the Motorcars did a Kickstarter campaign to help finance the making of the album. Braun admits that while at first, “I wrestled with it for sure for awhile,” he eventually came to the conclusion that asking fans to donate money now was the same as asking fans to buy a CD after it’s released.

“The more that I did research on it, I came to the conclusion you actually are just pre-selling your record. So they’re still getting a product for what they’re putting their money towards,” he said. “For the most part, you’re just buying a CD and a koozi and a T-shirt and a hat and buying it a few months early.”

But does pre-selling an album that fans have never heard put any more pressure on the band in terms of quality of the final product?

“Well, there’s a little pressure on the artwork as far as what T-shirt they’re going to get because we didn’t have the artwork done. They definitely went into that one pretty blind. So I’m definitely going to make sure it’s something I would wear, for sure,” he said. “That was the only real pressure. As far as the music side of it, I already had the songs written, and Gary had written a couple of songs that were great. So we were pretty confident with the product we were going to put out on the music side. It actually came out better than I thought it was going to, so I’m actually really excited about that. So I don’t think people will be too disappointed. And if anybody is, I’ll be more than happy to write them a check and give them their money back.”


On the Austin-by-way-of-Idaho band’s current swing through the West, Braun said fans can expect to hear about five of the expected 10 to 12 tracks that will make the album.

“I’ve found in the past, I don’t like to go out and just play ten new songs a night that people don’t know and they don’t have any reference to and they can’t buy the record yet, so I try not to burn them out too much on stuff they can’t really soak in too much. But at least give them a taste of what’s coming town the trail.”

This will the Motorcars second visit to The State Room in just four months. In December, they played a high energetic show in Salt Lake with a great set list.

“To be quite honest with you, that was probably my favorite show I’ve ever played in Salt Lake. I loved the energy of the crowd that night. It was a fun crowd. It wasn’t sold out but everybody that was there was there to see us and have a good time, and I feed off that really well. I love that.”

Tickets to MMC’s show this Wednesday at The State Room can be purchased online at http://www.thestateroom.com/ or at the venue.

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