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graceliveshotI got to work this morning and in my inbox was an email about Grace Potter & The Nocturnals’ new venture into releasing official concert soundboard recordings.

And now I’ve been at my desk all morning listening to it over and over.

GPN have announced the launch of Vaulturnal, a fully mixed and mastered soundboard recording of live performances from the band’s deep archives of live shows.

Bands like GPN or Pearl Jam or even back to the days of The Grateful Dead, who are known for playing a different set list every night, also have a legion of fans who trade bootleg recordings. (Pearl Jam now sells live recordings of every concert they play).

Fans can find plenty of Grace Potter bootlegs online. But the first release from GPN on Vaulurnal, from an August 19, 2013 show at Tanglewood near Boston, is well worth the investment for any casual fan of the band, and a must have for any hardcore fan. The quality of the recording is top notch. And not that GPN really ever does a bad show, but Grace’s voice and the tight playing of Scott Tournet and Benny Yurco, from start to finish of the 22 song set, are at their best in this show.

GPN plans to handpick several several shows to release per year. Potter says the band has shows recorded back to 2003 when GPN was first getting started.

Here’s hoping one of their future releases is from one of GPN’s summer concerts at Red Butte or their winter shows at The Depot.

Vaulturnal can be accessed at http:/

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